June 2019

Coming to a Market Near You...

Citywire Americas Magazine
Aldo González | Alejandro Landa Thierry | Rebecca Leon | Guillermo Uribe Lara

Attorneys Rebecca Leon, Alejandro Landa Thierry, Guillermo Uribe Lara and Aldo Gonzalez wrote an article for Citywire Americas Magazine on a new vehicle in the Mexican market that provides Latin American investors with an alternative way to access private markets. The Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) is a company created solely to raise money through an initial public offering. Its main purpose is to allow its investors to invest in companies, ventures or private projects that are normally closed off to them.

Ms. Leon, Mr. Landa, Mr. Uribe and Mr. Gonzalez note many potential advantages of this vehicle, including a broad base of potential investors, special income tax treatment and no geographic limitations.

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