June 19, 2019

High Court's 'Separate Sovereigns' Ruling Is Good For Tribes

Steven D. Gordon | Philip Baker-Shenk

Litigation attorney Steven Gordon and Native American Law attorney Phillip Baker-Shenk co-authored an article for Law360 on how the Supreme Court's decision in the Gamble v. U.S. is good for tribes. The court's reaffirmation of the separate sovereigns doctrine preserves the autonomy of tribal prosecutors and their ability to respond promptly to offenses in Indian Country without the need to worry about the legal repercussions on a federal prosecution for the same conduct.

Mr. Gordon and Mr. Baker-Shenk review the history of the double jeopardy and separate sovereigns laws to provide the reader a better understanding of how tribes are affected by the recent court decision.

READ: High Court's 'Separate Sovereigns' Ruling Is Good For Tribes

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