• Holland & Knight's Appellate Team has extensive experience handling matters before the U.S. Supreme Court, every United States Court of Appeals and numerous state appellate courts throughout the country.
  • We offer a full range of appellate services, including counsel on the advisability of an appeal, preservation of error in the trial court and preparation of the appeal and oral argument.
  • Our team includes former appellate judges and appellate clerks, as well as lawyers who have argued before the U.S. Supreme Court and satisfied the stringent requirements for board certification in appellate advocacy.
  • A report titled "Finding Certainty in Cert: An Empirical Analysis of the Factors Involved in Supreme Court Certiorari Decisions From 2001-2015" found that with a 97.2 percent cert denial rate, Holland & Knight was the most successful firm at opposing certiorari petitions filed with the U.S. Supreme Court.


In the event you receive an adverse court decision or jury verdict, the Appellate Team at Holland & Knight has the requisite background and experience to help you evaluate and prepare for a possible appeal with an aim of increasing your potential for a successful outcome.

Skill Set Supports Your Success

Because appeals are unlike other forms of litigation, effective appellate advocacy requires a distinct skill set, including solid legal analysis, oral argument and brief-writing abilities. Our appellate lawyers’ experience and proficiency in these areas enables us to efficiently represent your interests. Members of our team have experience in virtually every area of substantive law, which enables us to ascertain the issues that may impact your appeal. With this knowledge, we work closely with you and trial counsel to identify and present the arguments most likely to lead to a positive outcome.

Array of Services Meets Your Needs

A flexible approach to appellate advocacy allows our Appellate Team to provide appellate law services from any angle. We regularly:

  • serve as lead appellate counsel in matters that are referred to us specifically for an appeal
  • provide consulting services to trial counsel and assist with preserving issues for appeal
  • serve as counsel to organizations wishing to participate as amicus curiae

The participation of an appellate lawyer in the trial court offers many advantages in framing the legal theories and preserving points for an eventual appeal. Therefore, to increase the probability of a successful outcome, we recommend that you engage our Appellate Team early in the litigation lifecycle.

Focused Team Works For You

A satisfactory resolution to your appeal requires experienced legal counsel working on your behalf. Our team includes former appellate judges and appellate clerks, lawyers who have argued before the United States Supreme Court and attorneys who have satisfied the stringent requirements for board certification in appellate advocacy. With such backgrounds, our appellate lawyers are skilled in presenting to the unique audience of appellate judges and have a first-hand understanding of how appellate judges decide cases. 

Often, members of our Appellate Team collaborate with other firm lawyers who offer extensive proficiency in relevant areas of law. Collectively, we are committed to providing unparalleled appellate advocacy.


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