November 25, 2020

Even In Tropical Florida, Courts Can Still Freeze Debtor Assets


Litigation Partner John Chapman and attorney Benjamin Taormina co-authored a Law360 article discussing the legal baggage that comes from the influx of people with the perception that Florida is a debtor-friendly state. With no state income tax, Florida's allure is as strong as ever and it continues to be an ideal relocation destination. Whether it is retirees, millennials or foreigners, people continue to move to Florida. Many evasive debtors are lured by this perception, thinking that Florida is a good place to relocate or stash assets to avoid creditors. Many debt-evaders believe that upon moving to Florida they, and their assets, are beyond the scope of their home jurisdiction. But, as Mr. Chapman and Mr. Taormina point out, these debt-evaders are in for a surprise. Florida courts can, and do, recognize and enforce foreign judgments, asset freezes, injunctions and other orders entered by a foreign jurisdiction.

READ: Even In Tropical Florida, Courts Can Still Freeze Debtor Assets

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