March 2021

Recommended Amendments to the Uniform Rules of Procedure

Administrative Law Section Newsletter
Lawrence E. Sellers

Administrative and governmental law attorney Lawrence Sellers co-authored a section in The Florida Bar's Administrative Law Section Newsletter summarizing the recommended revisions to the Uniform Rules of Procedure as approved by the Florida Administrative Law Section's Executive Council in June 2020. Since their adoption 23 years ago, the Uniform Rules have only been amended several times. In 2019, an ad hoc committee of the Administrative Law Section convened to review the Uniform Rules and determine whether experience, administrative proceedings, changes in laws and rules and judicial review illuminated any opportunities for improvement. Their recommendations, summarized in this article, will only take effect if adopted by the Administration Commission in accordance with the rulemaking process in the APA.

READ: Recommended Amendments to the Uniform Rules of Procedure (Starts on page 15)

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