December 20, 2023

In The World of Legal Ethics, 10 Trends to Note From 2023

Trisha M. Rich

Legal Ethics attorney Trisha Rich co-authored a Law360 article with Lucian Pera from Adams and Reese LLP that highlights the top 10 trends in legal ethics and lawyering in 2023. The trends include the impact of "NewLaw" and regulatory reform, emphasizing nonlawyer ownership and fee-sharing, along with the influx of capital into the legal business. Some noteworthy developments include the American Bar Association's comprehensive treatment of witness preparation ethics, client intake responsibilities, and the enforceability of advance waivers of conflicts of interest. The article also discusses issues related to deception in investigations, advising clients on communications with represented opponents, ethical considerations concerning wire transfer scams, the integration of artificial intelligence in legal practices, and the pervasive challenges of cybersecurity in the legal industry.

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