January 2024

USA Trends and Developments

Chambers International Trade Global Practice Guide
Robert A. Friedman | Antonia I. Tzinova | Andrew K. McAllister | Marina Veljanovska O'Brien

International Trade attorneys Robert A. Friedman, Antonia Tzinova, Andrew McAllister and Marina O'Brien co-authored an article featured in the Chambers International Trade Global Practice Guide. The article discusses key developments in U.S trade policy for 2023 and beyond, emphasizing ongoing efforts to strengthen supply chain resiliency and national security with a particular focus on China and Russia. This includes the enactment of new trade restrictions, enhanced enforcement of the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act and imposition of outbound investment restrictions targeting investments in sensitive technologies in countries of concern, notably China. Additionally, the U.S has increased enforcement actions linked to economic sanctions against Russia, aiming to address and curtail evasion attempts. These measures collectively indicate a strategic approach by the U.S to safeguard its economic and national security interests against perceived threats, with a forward-looking stance into 2024.

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