June 21, 2024

Good Cause Eviction: Uncertainty Abounds in New Law’s Provisions

New York Law Journal
Alexander Lycoyannis
Real Estate attorney Alexander Lycoyannis wrote an article for New York Law Journal discussing the uncertainties surrounding New York's recently enacted Good Cause Eviction law (GCE). Mr. Lycoyannis highlights two examples of open questions concerning GCE's statutory text: the "small landlord" exemption and new required rent increase notices. He argues that many important practical questions remain unresolved and are unlikely to be answered without years of litigation and appeals, which will be detrimental to the real estate industry's need for certainty and stability. Mr. Lycoyannis concludes by expressing hope that the state Legislature will correct and clarify some of GCE's provisions to provide the necessary certainty to the New York real estate industry.

READ: Good Cause Eviction: Uncertainty Abounds in New Law's Provisions

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