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Masters of the Metaverse Blog
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Masters of the Metaverse Blog
Holland & Knight’s Masters of the Metaverse Blog features news, trends and strategies on the constantly evolving metaverse. Companies braving this new digital frontier can turn to our blog for advice, alerts and ideas to help them navigate the metaverse’s burgeoning legal issues.
Aviation Law Blog
Welcome to the Holland & Knight Aviation Law Blog, featuring news and analysis related to aviation litigation, finance and regulation.
Bar Bites: A Food & Beverage Law Blog
Holland & Knight's Food and Beverage Law Blog covers news and important legal issues related to the products that consumers eat and drink. We provide insight and analysis on a wide range of topics, including trade secrets and other intellectual property, labor and employment, food contamination, contracts, insurance defense, real estate, regulatory enforcement actions and much more.
Breaking Ground
Holland & Knight's West Coast Real Estate and Land Use Blog provides news and current analysis on real estate law, development, transactions and trends. Readers can expect to find frequent, helpful articles for real estate investors, developers, lenders, owners and practitioners on new legislation, case updates, legal analysis and market trends.
Clean Technology Blog
The Clean Technology Blog features news, information and strategies related to accessing government grants, loans and contracts from states and federal agencies, including the Department of Energy, Department of Agriculture and Department of Defense.
Cybersecurity and Privacy Blog
Holland & Knight's Cybersecurity, Data Breach and Privacy Blog provides insights and analysis on privacy, information security, and information governance laws.
Energy and Natural Resources Blog
Welcome to the Holland & Knight Energy and Natural Resources Blog, featuring news and analysis related to energy and natural resource litigation and regulation.
Government Contracts Blog
Welcome to the Holland & Knight Government Contracts Blog, featuring news, observations and analysis related to government contracting. We tackle not only the "hot" topics receiving widespread attention within the government contracting community, but at times lesser-known topics or unique perspectives that we hope will be of interest to our readers.
Healthcare Blog
Holland & Knight's Healthcare Blog provides insights and analysis on important issues and new developments in healthcare law. We cover a variety of topics including fraud and abuse, technology, health plans, facility operations, long-term care, life sciences and public policy.
IP/Decode Blog
Holland & Knight’s IP/Decode Blog explores how technology and intellectual property work – and how they work together.
Native American Law Blog
Holland & Knight's Native American Law Blog provides insights and analysis on issues facing Native American governments and organizations, including Indian tribes, tribal entities, Alaska Native Corporations and nonprofits. 
Regulatory Litigation Blog
The Regulatory Litigation Blog addresses federal regulatory issues and cases brought by and against the federal government, including regulatory and statutory enforcement actions, challenging agency actions under the Administrative Procedure Act, and testing the constitutionality of legislative and regulatory schemes.
Retail and Commercial Development and Leasing Blog
Holland & Knight’s Retail and Commercial Development and Leasing Blog is a resource for those interested in keeping up to date on retail, office and industrial leasing and development topics and issues. The blog will feature timely and helpful analysis on market trends, legislation, case updates, legal analysis and timely commentary for those in the real estate industry.
SECond Opinions Blog

Holland & Knight's SECond Opinions Blog offers analysis covering U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) news, enforcement actions and agency rulemaking.

Section 101 Blog
Holland & Knight's Section 101 Blog, features news and analysis concerning 35 U.S.C. § 101, including case law updates, news from the USPTO and potential legislative changes to Section 101.
Shareholder Rights Blog
Welcome to the Holland & Knight Shareholder Rights Blog, featuring news, observations, and legal analysis related to shareholder rights, relations and disputes arising from the ownership of closely held businesses.
Tax Compliance Blog
The Tax Compliance Blog focuses primarily on tax cases, IRS releases and announcements, as well as news from Treasury pertaining to tax. Foreign issues, such as compliance associated with ownership of foreign investments; participation in the IRS voluntary disclosure programs; compliance associated with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act and Foreign Bank Account Reporting filing requirements are also discussed.
The Eyes on Washington Blog
Holland & Knight’s Eyes on Washington Blog provides insights and analysis on pertinent U.S. government affairs topics, including elections, policy, state attorneys general, national security and more.
Trade Secrets Blog
Holland & Knight's Trade Secrets Blog is a resource for those interested in learning more about burgeoning trade secret related issues facing competitors, employers and litigants alike. The blog features, among other things, timely commentary on decisions involving trade secret issues, thoughtful analysis on how stakeholders can safeguard their trade secret assets and enforce and defend against trade secret claims, and news on recent develops in trade secret related legislation.
Transportation Blog
Welcome to the Holland & Knight Transportation Blog, featuring news, observations and analysis related to the many sectors of the transportation and infrastructure industry.