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Holland & Knight attorneys and professionals frequently produce informative podcasts covering a broad spectrum of legal matters.

Are We All Clear? Facilitating Security Clearances
Featured Podcast Series
Are We All Clear? Facilitating Security Clearances

Are We All Clear? Facilitating Security Clearances is a podcast series brought to you by Holland & Knight's Facility Security Clearance team. Over the course of this series, our attorneys will help take the mystery out of obtaining and maintaining security clearances for government contractors throughout the business life cycle. So are you ready to dive in and find out? Are we all clear?

A Lo Legal En Par Minutos

Welcome to the A Lo Legal En Par Minutos podcast series, presented by our lawyers from Holland & Knight's Bogotá office. In this series, our professionals create a space to discuss legal and non-legal topics of interest to clients, bringing in special guests from within and outside the firm.

An Energized Exchange

An Energized Exchange is a podcast series brought to you by Holland & Knight's Energy and Natural Resources Team. This series will cover the latest developments and trends in energy, climate change, environment and natural resources.

Clearly Conspicuous

Clearly Conspicuous is a podcast series brought to you by Holland & Knight and hosted by consumer protection attorney Anthony DiResta. Here at Holland & Knight we have the working knowledge of how federal and state agencies operate and how courts address consumer protection issues. Consumer protection laws and regulations impact every dimension of business. Holland & Knight's Consumer Protection Defense and Compliance Team has the experience, knowledge, relationships and platform to effectively work with our clients to address these issues.

Corporate Transparency Talk

Welcome to Corporate Transparency Talk, a podcast series brought to you by the law firm of Holland & Knight. At Holland & Knight, our Corporate Transparency Team has been at the forefront of helping companies navigate and comply with this expansive new law. You can count on our team and this podcast series to help you understand the who, what, where, when and how your company will be impacted by the Corporate Transparency Act.

Counsel That Cares

Counsel That Cares is a podcast series brought to you by Holland & Knight's Healthcare and Life Sciences Team. With more than 400 attorneys practicing across the healthcare industry, our team is on the leading edge of industry developments. This series serves as your personal checkup on the multi-faceted playing field of healthcare law and business trends.

The Eyes on Washington Podcast

The Eyes on Washington Podcast is brought to you by Holland & Knight's Public Policy & Regulation Group. The Holland & Knight Public Policy & Regulation Group has an ideal combination of lawyers and lobbyists with a comprehensive understanding of the federal policy and regulatory process. This series will shine a light on the shifting dynamics of governmental entities and the ensuing changes in economic or political policies, laws and regulations that can have a critical impact on the health and future of your business.

Florida Capital Conversations

This Holland & Knight Tallahassee-based podcast series takes a look at the many different aspects of state and local government through the lens of experienced legal professionals. These candid conversations offer a seat at the table to everyone who listens.

Powerful Witness Preparation

Holland & Knight’s Powerful Witness Preparation Podcast Series is led by Dan Small, a litigation partner who focuses on internal and external investigations, witness preparation and white collar criminal matters.

Regulatory Phishing

Regulatory Phishing is a podcast series brought to you by Holland & Knight and hosted by government contracts and cybersecurity attorney Eric Crusius. This series will analyze the latest cybersecurity news for the government contracting industry. From reviewing the Department of Defense and how national security shapes cybersecurity requirements to insights from industry leaders on the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity, this podcast will help government contracting professionals hack into the latest cybersecurity developments around the world.

The Trial Lawyer's Handbook

The Trial Lawyer's Handbook is a Courtroom Preparation podcast series brought to you by Holland & Knight. This series is hosted by litigation attorney Dan Small and is based on a longstanding article series he co-authored with Judge Dennis Saylor for Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly. Listeners of this series will gain a fresh perspective on how attorneys can address various trial preparation issues and set themselves up for success in and out of the courtroom.