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June 2, 2010

Health Reform Seen as Providing Benefits, Challenges for Life Sciences Companies

BNA Medical Devices Law & Industry Report
Healthcare & Life Sciences Partners Michael Gaba, Michael Werner and Jennifer Short were featured in a BNA Medical Devices Law & Industry Report article summarizing Holland & Knight's May 26 webinar titled, "Health Care Reform: The Impact on Life Sciences Companies."

The online seminar explained how the new health reform laws will affect biopharmaceutical and medical device companies by assessing fees and taxes, providing tax credits for therapeutic discoveries, and requiring comparative clinical effectiveness research (CCER) that will be used to make spending decisions. "The media has emphasized the insurance changes, but there's a lot else in the new laws that affects life sciences companies," said Mr. Gaba. "And the fun is just beginning, especially because the laws give the secretary of health and human services substantial discretion in the implementation."

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