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September 10, 2010

Grassley: DoD IG doesn't 'follow the money'

Federal News Radio

Government Contracts Partner Ronald S. Perlman was featured on a Federal News Radio report titled, "Grassley: DoD IG doesn't 'follow the money.'"

The report discusses a 73-page investigative study in which Sen. Chuck Grassley charges the Department of Defense Inspector General's Office of not doing in-depth audits of defense contracts and therefore missing millions in possible waste, fraud and abuse. Mr. Perlman said the report's finding of a "broken financial reporting system" explains, in part, the fact that Pentagon IG auditors were performing the policy audits that Sen. Grassley objects to, rather than more transparent financially-based contract performance audits. "If you have a broken financial reporting system within the Department of Defense, or any business organization, then you can't audit things," he said. "And if you can't audit the money trail, then I suppose if you have a significant workforce, you want to keep them busy, and you have them focus on other things." The report also found that one audit took as long as 18 months to complete.

READ: Grassley: DoD IG doesn't 'follow the money

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