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December 3, 2010

Lawyers keep abreast of trends on various fronts

Tampa Bay Business Journal

Chair of the National Healthcare & Life Sciences Team Maria Currier was quoted in a Tampa Bay Business Journal article titled "Lawyers keep abreast of trends on various fronts."

Healthcare reform may take several years to roll out, but it's already changing the way companies do business. At the front lines of this action are the law firms keeping track of evolving regulations on clients' behalf. The article reports that Holland & Knight sends lawyers to attend government workshop groups and report information back and that the firm has also formed a Healthcare Reform Center to address changing healthcare laws. "We're getting into the detailed aspects of the implementation of this massive federal bill which will fundamentally change the delivery system in this country," said Ms. Currier. "We are active in helping clients share their concerns and views and to shape the final regulations proposed."

READ: Lawyers keep abreast of trends on various fronts

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