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January 27, 2012

FTAs Spur New Infrastructure Interest in Panama, Colombia


With infrastructure that has failed to keep pace with their booming economies, Panama and Colombia are expected to be hotbeds of opportunity for project developers as they seek to take advantage of incentives from new free trade agreements struck with the U.S. Though trade officials are still in the process of making the recently-ratified trade deals' promises of lifted tariffs a reality, everything from ports and roads to electric grids and telecom systems in Panama and Colombia need to be either built or revamped if the two Latin American nations are to reap the benefits of much-broadened access to the U.S. market. "They need to update their infrastructure to be able to compete and receive the kind of investment that they are expecting, so there should be work there," said International and Cross-Border Transactions Partner Enrique Gomez-Pinzon.

READ: FTAs Spur New Infrastructure Interest in Panama, Colombia

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