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June 5, 2013

Evolution at Holland & Knight

Florida Trend

As Managing Partner Steven Sonberg begins his second five-year term, he reflects on how the firm has evolved during the recession and looks forward to what the business strategy will be for the future.

“By the end of 2008, we were projecting a fairly significant downturn for us and the rest of the industry,” he says. “We forecast about a 10% reduction in revenue...We actually hit the number on the head.” He describes his challenge as twofold: "Weather the recession and figure out a way to bring back the lost revenue." The firm has worked had to succeed on both fronts and is close to pre-recession revenue goals.

"One of the messages that I’ve been hearing from the business community in the state of Florida is to be more in sync and aligned with the opportunities in Latin America,” Mr. Sonberg says. “We think that makes very good sense for us...I can see us having half a dozen new offices over the next two to three years.”

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