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December 23, 2014

2015, A Great Time to Own Real Estate

Stuart Saft sat down with to discuss the United States' economy recovery since the 2008 recession. He explains that the economy is going through a transformation and that many factors are attributing to this. Through this growth, the real estate markets have also seen a significant boost and now is the time to buy.

"The one fact is that the population of the United State will be 400 million in little more than 20 years; 100 million larger than a decade ago and we need housing, office buildings, malls, stores, warehouses, and infrastructure and the cost of the foregoing will increase every year, so it makes sense to buy it or build it now. Will this strong market last forever? No. Will it last through 2020, almost assuredly yes.”

READ: 2015, A Great Time to Own Real Estate

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