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November 24, 2015

Discovery Blasts $11M Damages Bid At TV Deal Trial


In closing arguments, Christian-oriented television distributor Sky Angel justified its request for $11 million in damages from its canceled broadcast deal with Discovery, and the role Dish Network played in Discovery's decision.

Litigation Partner Lynn Calkins, on behalf of Sky Angel, is quoted extensively and points out that the damages are financially justified, "...Discovery terminated the agreement after two years, leaving five years unfulfilled. 'That adds up.'”

While Discovery has claimed it terminated based on Sky's internet distribution method, Ms. Calkins focused on the timing of the termination, which was closely aligned with Dish Network complaining about Sky’s deal, citing a licensing issue. “This timeline makes it clear that Discovery terminated for extra-contractual reasons that had no basis in what Sky Angel was doing,” Ms. Calkins said.

Sky Angel is represented by Holland & Knight lawyers Lynn Calkins, Jessica Farmer and Cheryl Feeley.

READ: Discovery Blasts $11M Damages Bid At TV Deal Trial

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