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November 12, 2015

Discovery Slammed At $11M Trial For Unplugging TV Deal


A small, Christian-oriented television distributor, Sky Angel US LLC, told a Maryland federal judge that Discovery canceled the company's Internet-based broadcasting license only after Dish complained it was not enjoying similar rights. Sky argued that it had broadcast Discovery programming under the agreement for two years without problems until the 2010 cancellation, and that Discovery even let the transmissions continue for another three months following the cancellation.

“They were so happy with the system, at one point in 2008, they considered adding more channels to the lineup,” said attorney Lynn E. Calkins, who represents Sky. “There was no real concern with using the Internet. This was all done because of Dish and [Discovery’s] relationship with a top revenue-generator.”

READ: Discovery Slammed At $11M Trial For Unplugging TV Deal

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