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January 23, 2018

Fla. Senior Homes Agree To Emergency Generator Rules


Florida Governor Rick Scott recently announced that a number of major nursing home and assisted living facility (ALF) associations have agreed to support proposed rules that would require facilities to have emergency generators to power air conditioners in the event of power failures. The initiative became a high priority after a facility lost power during Hurricane Irma and 13 elderly residents died when the temperatures soared. The industry widely supported the idea, but were at odds over deadlines that were impossible for the facilities to meet. They have been working closely with the governor's office to make necessary adjustments to agree upon the changes.

"Reaching a resolution on this was extremely important so that nursing homes and ALFs can complete their preparations and comply with these rules in order to protect Florida's seniors," said Senior Policy Advisor Mia McKown, who represents several facilities.

READ: Fla. Senior Homes Agree To Emergency Generator Rules

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