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June/July 2019

How the First Title III Lawsuits are Playing Out in U.S. Courts

Cuba Standard Monthly, Vol. 27, No. 6&7

Cuba Action Team attorney Aymee Valdivia was interviewed by Cuba Standard Monthly about President Trump's full activation of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act. Soon after this activation, the first claimants filed lawsuits over confiscated property in Cuba, sparking discussion over the unpredictability of the outcome of these lawsuits. Title III is untested in U.S. courts making the outcome difficult to predict, especially for the large percentage of plaintiffs without certified claims who were Cuban citizens at the time of expropriation.

"Given the difficulties in accessing valuation and property records in Cuba, as well as the possible depreciation or appreciation of certain properties, some non-certified Title III plaintiffs may face an expensive, time-consuming and difficult task when determining and proving the fair market value of a confiscated property," Ms. Valdivia said.

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