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January 9, 2020

Transit-Housing Bill Back in California's Housing Crisis Fight

Commercial Observer

Since it was first introduced in 2018, Senate Bill 50 (SB50) has been the center of California's housing crisis. State Senator Scott Weiner has made a final attempt to pass the amended transit-housing bill with the hopes that it will address the lack of affordable housing in California. Lawmakers, suburban activists and affordable housing advocacy groups argue that SB50 is taking away power from local governments, instead of protecting existing lower-income renters from displacement.

"The bill faces the perception that it’s an exercise of state lawmaking interfering with what has traditionally had local control. That argument was the reason the bill was shelved last year," said Land Use Attorney Andrew Starrels. "The hill we have to climb in terms of housing needs is so steep. There’s no question that changes are needed, but it’s about how you get there," he added.

READTransit-Housing Bill Back in California's Housing Crisis Fight

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