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April 3, 2020

A Holland & Knight Attorney on Portland's Ever-Evolving M&A Landscape

Deals will likely dissipate in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic
Portland Business Journal
Portland Executive Partner Sara Heskett talked with Portland Business Journal about the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) field, including how the COVID-19 pandemic will affect future deals. She predicted a continuation of acquisitions of smaller companies by larger players alongside an increase in mergers of smaller companies to improve their competitive positions. She also said she anticipates an increase in diversity-focused requests. In terms of the effects of COVID-19, she said that lawyers are currently fielding questions about procedural issues as well as the validity of contracts and contract enforcement, adding that she thinks future questions will ask whether representations and warranties made in deals related to COVID-19 can be covered by insurance. Beyond COVID-19, she commented on affordable housing projects, her area of expertise, and offered other updates on the Portland practice and landscape.

"I love what I do or I wouldn’t have lasted in the legal industry this long," she said. "...One of the best aspects of being at Holland & Knight is that I work with lawyers all over the country every day. It is the blend of working with clients and attorneys all over the country to problem solve and build much needed affordable housing that is the really fulfilling part of my day."

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