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April 20, 2020

Wealth Management: A Roundtable Discussion 2020

Los Angeles Business Journal

Los Angeles Executive Partner Vivian Thoreen participated in a Los Angeles Business Journal roundtable discussing various wealth management topics such as the current investment environment and estate planning. Ms. Thoreen, who also chairs Holland & Knight's Private Wealth Services Dispute Resolution Team, offered advice for estate planning, answered questions about post-death litigation and how to prevent it, and described warning signs of potential financial elder abuse.

"Everyone should have a good understanding of what assets they have and their values so they can actively participate in their estate planning and asset management. Similarly, we all need competent and trustworthy advisors, including a good estate planning attorney," she said when detailing how to effectively plan an estate. "Our estate plans should be current, meaning they comply with the current tax and estate planning laws, and they should reflect our current circumstances, intentions and desires."

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