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May 22, 2020

Lobbyists Expertise In High Demand Amid COVID-19

Public Affairs Council

In an article from the Public Affairs Council, Leader of the firm's Public Policy and Regulation Group Rich Gold discussed the increase in demand for lobbyists amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic “might have shut down much of the American economy,” The Wall Street Journal reports, but in Washington, thanks to the stimulus package, “business is booming for the influence-peddling business.” Companies and interest groups “are snatching up lobbyists and regulatory experts,” in the Journal’s words, resulting in what NPR’s “All Things Considered” calls the “lobbying feeding frenzy.” It is expertise, more than access, that most of these clients are seeking, Mr. Gold said.

"These are very complex times, and the nature of our work has changed. Often, it is just a matter of a client who faces a big decision [based on what is going on in Washington] and wants an hour of our time just for us to help them think through a particular situation." said Mr. Gold.

READ: Lobbyists Expertise In High Demand Amid COVID-19

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