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May 10, 2020

The Silicon Valley Battle Over SB 35

California Planning & Development Report
West Coast Land Use and Environment Associate Daniel Golub was mentioned in a California Planning & Development Report article recapping two cases concerning Senate Bill (SB) 35, a new housing law to fast-track approval of development projects, each of which represented a win for developers. In one of the cases, Mr. Golub represented the developer of the 40 Main Street project in suing the city of Los Altos for denying the developer's SB 35 application. Judge Helen Williams of Santa Clara County Superior Court ruled in favor of the developer and found that the city had violated SB 35 in denying the application. Among other remarks, she said the city had made vague statements suggesting that objective standards had not been met instead of identifying the standards in question and that it had acted in bad faith. She ultimately ordered Los Altos to approve the project.

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