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May 2020

Trying to Get Access

Chicago Lawyer
Partner Trisha Rich was interviewed for an article published in the Chicago Lawyer magazine discussing digital attorney referral platforms. The Illinois Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission recently proposed new regulations for these platforms, whose emergence, in theory, means that anyone can easily find an attorney to help them with their particular legal situation. However, there remains a gap between consumers in need of legal assistance and the attorneys who can represent them, particularly for those in the middle or lower middle class. Ms. Rich explained that although pro bono clinics can help impoverished clients, there are not enough lawyers to meet the demand for those in the next income level.

"If you make — usually, it’s under $40,000, but every program gets to set its own requirements. The difference between $40,000 and $45,000 isn’t changing your life, but it could mean you’re not eligible for pro bono aid," she said. "We just don’t have enough lawyers to fill that gap."

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