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July 31, 2020

Shipping Lawyer Offers Remedy To US Legal 'Headaches'

Lloyd's List: Maritime Intelligence

Maritime Partner Christopher Nolan was interviewed by Lloyd's List: Maritime Intelligence about his work in the industry. The US legal system can be a minefield for the global maritime industry, with each of the nation's 50 states, having its own laws. That means "50 different headaches" to be faced by overseas clients, according to Mr. Nolan.

“It takes a bit of additional care to explain the US legal system to non-US companies,” Mr. Nolan says. “They have seen culture and TV movies all the time, and there’s a concern level. But if you explain it, if you are able to tell them that you are in front of an arbitrator who works at a shipping company in the US, they’ll understand that better.”

READ: Shipping Lawyer Offers Remedy To US Legal 'Headaches'

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