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September 18, 2020

Is Mexico Setting the Right Priorities in its 2021 Budget?

Latin America Advisor, Inter-American Dialogue
Mexico City Partner Alejandro Landa Thierry was interviewed for Inter-American Dialogue's Latin America Advisor Q&A about Mexico's 2021 budget plan. The plan features austerity measures as well as an increase in support for hospitals, pensioners and infrastructure. It also forecasts that the country's economy will shrink 8 percent this year but grow 4.6 percent next year. Mr. Landa Thierry said the proposals are sound overall, and he stressed the importance of the budget, coming amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"The 2021 economic package is one of the most critical in Mexico’s recent history due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The budget prioritizes health spending, physical investment and infrastructure expenditures that will favor economic reactivation and job creation," he said. "In addition, it shields the social protection network for the most vulnerable groups of the population and funds other areas such as education, security and culture that will reduce economic, social and regional inequalities, and also maintain social stability."

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