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October 26, 2020

Americans in Economic Crisis: 'The Whole Situation is Madness'


Dallas Partner Mark Melton was interviewed by the Norwegian newspaper VG about his volunteer work providing legal advice on social media to people who are at risk of being evicted. Mr. Melton said his own experience with homelessness drives him to help others facing similar situations. Since March, he has spent several hours every day explaining people their rights as a tenant and counseling them on what they can do to protect themselves.

"It's easy to miss the eviction crisis happening in this country when it isn't impacting you directly. Stories like this one should remind us that this crisis is real, that it's impacting real people, and that the world is watching how the most powerful country on the planet is addressing the situation – or in many ways failing to address it," Mr. Melton said about the article. "...Our small band of lawyers obviously can't help everyone, but if each of us with means and ability tend to our own corner of the world with compassion and a relentless sense of duty to our fellow man then this pandemic will cause significantly less pain that it otherwise would."

READ: Americans in Economic Crisis: 'The Whole Situation is Madness'

*Please note the article is in Norwegian.

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