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October 16, 2020

Energy, Climate Policy Chasm Divides Trump And Biden

Senior Policy Advisor Beth Viola was interviewed for a Law360 article discussing the stark differences between Donald Trump and Joe Biden's energy and climate policies. These differences can be seen most clearly in each candidate's approach to U.S. electricity and transportation sectors, the two largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions. Ms. Viola commented that even where the candidates may find common ground, such as a commitment to investing in infrastructure, their approaches still contrast.

"For [Trump] it's about energy dominance and taking advantage of the oil and gas situation the U.S.," she said. "For Vice President Biden ... he recognizes that climate is not just a threat, but also an opportunity to implement his ... plan that would help us grow the economy, create a lot of jobs and reduce CO2 over a very set period of time."

READ: Energy, Climate Policy Chasm Divides Trump And Biden

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