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November 8, 2020

Attorneys Expect Enviro Policy Whiplash With Biden Win


Senior Policy Advisor Beth Viola was interviewed for a Law360 article on the Biden administration's projected environmental policy and the legal strategy for implementing it. His administration is expected to reverse many of the Trump administration's deregulatory efforts, a process that would also entail dealing with litigation pending in federal courts across the country. Ms. Viola shared her insights on how the administration may approach this issue.

"I think that the Biden team is going to have a top-notch group of lawyers looking at all of these issues, trying to figure out how to make progress," she said. "And I think some of it's going to mean having to try to find some settlement on some of the legal issues that are pending and figure out whether they're going to roll back things or promulgate new rules."

READ: Attorneys Expect Enviro Policy Whiplash With Biden Win

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