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November 2, 2020

Cuba, Venezuela Policy Could Prove Key To Winning Florida


Cuba Action Team Partner Aymee Valdivia was interviewed for a Law360 article analyzing how 2020 campaigns in Florida have focused on policies for Cuba and Venezuela. Republican campaigns have tried to link Democrats to communism and socialism, while Democrat campaigns have attacked the Trump administration's hardline approach, demonstrating that both sides believe Latino voters will play a key role in determining the outcome of a crucial swing state. Ms. Valdivia, who previously practiced law in Cuba, explained that Cuban-Americans themselves are divided on the approach to U.S.-Cuba policy.

"While one group wants a hard policy on Cuba with measures that deprive the government — and, consequently, the Cuban people — of funds and resources, the other side will vote for more openings that provide a source of income to Cubans in the island through unlimited money remittances, travel and people-to-people exchanges," she said.

READ: Cuba, Venezuela Policy Could Prove Key To Winning Florida

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