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December 18, 2020

Has AMLO Picked the Best Person for Economy Minister?

Latin America Advisor, Inter-American Dialogue

Mexico City Executive Partner Luis Rubio Barnetche was interviewed by the Inter-American Dialogue's daily Latin America Advisor about Tatiana Clouthier, the country's newly appointed economy minister. He commented on some of the challenges she will face in her new role.

"Although she is politically savvy, well versed and close to the president, she has little to no experience in trade and commerce. With budget restrictions at the government level, ministries have lost key individuals with experience in dealing with business groups, trade associations and counterparts in the United States, Canada and other countries that have trade agreements with Mexico," Mr. Rubio explained. "To make things more difficult for her, the government's relationship with the business community is currently very strained and will require affirmative actions from the government to change."

READ: Has AMLO Picked the Best Person for Economy Minister?

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