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December 2, 2020

Local Attorney Mark Melton Helps Stop Evictions

Dallas Observer

Partner Mark Melton was interviewed by the Dallas Observer about his group, Dallas Evictions 2020, which has recruited as many as 150 lawyers to offer pro bono legal advice to community members facing eviction. The group has prevented over 4,000 evictions, Mr. Melton says. Much of what Mr. Melton’s group does is informing tenants of the protections available to them. Without this, he says, people either don’t show up to court and get evicted, or they show up, don’t provide the right defense and still lose their home.

“I think in the last eight months we’ve only lost two hearings out of well over a hundred just because if you have a lawyer with you, your likelihood of getting evicted is much lower because we know the rules,” Mr. Melton said.

READ: Local Attorney Mark Melton Helps Stop Evictions

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