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March 5, 2021

Powerful Group of 7 Forms Florida's Federal JNC. But They Might Face A Roadblock

Daily Business Review

Real Estate Partner Vivian de las Cuevas-Diaz spoke with the Daily Business Review about her recent appointment to the Florida Federal Judicial Nominating Commission (JNC). U.S. Congressional leaders in the sunshine state appointed seven people including Ms. Cuevas-Diaz to the JNC in the Southern District of Florida. The members of this commission will evaluate and recommend candidates for vacant U.S. Attorney, U.S. Marshal and federal judgeship positions within Florida. Ms. Cuevas-Diaz expressed optimism that the commission will function smoothly, unlike the previous one that "got to the point where it wasn't effective" and was quietly disassembled. She also described some of the qualities sought after in commissioners, adding that she was surprised but grateful to be chosen.

“You’re looking for someone who is true to the law and generally a good human being because they are going to make some big decisions that are going to affect many people out there, and they just have to stay humble,” Ms. Cuevas-Diaz said. “That is hard to find, but they are there...I was shocked they picked me, but I was honored to serve because it is an incredible process that the State of Florida does very differently from other states. We do set the bar and we have been doing it for years, both with Republican and Democratic presidents.”

READ: Powerful Group of 7 Forms Florida's Federal JNC. But They Might Face A Roadblock

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