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June 30, 2021

Drivers Used to Pay for Roads. Washington Is Killing That Idea


Public Policy & Regulation Group Leader Rich Gold was quoted in POLITICO about the future of the gas tax. Recently, transportation policy makers have proffered ideas for replacing the gas tax with a new version of making the user pay. One proposal would charge all motorists a fee based on the number of miles they drive, not how much fuel they burn. Such a fee, known as vehicle-miles traveled or VMT, would charge gas-guzzlers and Teslas equally for the wear and tear they put on the roads.

Mr. Gold said it’s not surprising to see lawmakers pushing to pay for transportation projects without tax or fee hikes, saying that “we’re still in a period where fiscal discipline is being sacrificed at the altar of economic equity and recovery.“ But he said he expects user fees to continue, likely with an “equitably fashioned VMT down the road.”

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