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September 7, 2021

What K Street Is Paying Attention To This Month

POLITICO Influence

Public Policy & Regulation Group Leader Rich Gold was quoted in POLITICO Influence about what to expect as Congress returns to action following their August recess. He discusses the future of the infrastructure package and the coming fight over the debt ceiling.

The biggest hold up for the reconciliation package is likely to be in the Rules Committee, which determines what to keep and what to edit in the committee-passed bills, Mr. Gold said. “The Rules Committee will operate and be the venue where leadership kind of works through what the art of the do-able is, in terms of total dollar amount and what issues from committee-reported bills need to be edited,” he said.

“There are … industry sectors for whom some degree of change, as the bill moves forward, could mean the difference between success and failure,” he continued. “I think people understand this is — I won't say once in a generation, but certainly once in a decade legislating. And there's a lot riding on it.”

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