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December 14, 2021

Is AMLO Ending Accountability in Public Works?

Latin America Advisor, The Dialogue

Mexico City Executive Partner Luis Rubio spoke with The Dialogue's Latin America Advisor about a recent decree issued by Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador that requires Mexico's federal agencies to automatically approve any public works project that the government designates to be "in the national interest" or that involves "national security." The move eliminates environmental, feasibility and accountability reviews for projects that would receive a year-long "temporary" approval, during which time the projects could potentially get underway. Mr. Rubio argues that the decree is an abuse of power and has no place in a modern democracy.

"The president’s decree is an unconstitutional effort to evade any accountability and transparency in the projects that his administration approves," said Mr. Rubio. "Even worse, it reflects, once again, that the president will continue to impose politically driven decisions under the guise of social or public interest."

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