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December 14, 2021

Miami Positioned as Blockchain City of the World

Miami Today

Technology attorney Samir Patel spoke to Miami Today in their article detailing how Miami is very well positioned to be the blockchain city of the world as more and more people in the blockchain technology industry are choosing Miami-Dade County to develop their businesses and create a crypto-enthusiastic community. Specifically, Mr. Patel tells the publication that what is attracting entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to invest in blockchain technology in Miami is that the area can offer a better lifestyle than any other city.

"The blockchain community is a young, vibrant kind of movement," he said. "There is an incredible amount of energy that is being harnessed here in Miami and put towards the effort of creating a blockchain community."

Mr. Patel also discusses how the government is trying to incentivize citizens and merchants in the area to adopt this rapid change. Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has strongly advocated to integrate cryptocurrency into the government infrastructure and even tweeted that he would accept his next paycheck in Bitcoin.

"County politicians and city politicians have become more vocal in inviting these enterprises and these people into the city. We are seeing this mass influx of talent and money, involved in blockchain technology."

READ: Miami Positioned as Blockchain City of the World

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