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April 18, 2022

Supreme Court Blow to Missouri Pipeline Seen as Boosting FERC Oversight Efforts


Energy attorney Jim Noe spoke with POLITICO about the U.S. Supreme Court's recent rejection of a Missouri pipeline's request to review a decision vacating its permit. Mr. Noe explained that the decision is emblematic of a larger trend in which the environmental community successfully delays or blocks oil and gas and pipeline permits through litigation. He also said the decision means companies in the oil and gas industry will have to focus more on proving the need for a pipeline, as the case supports efforts to increase oversight from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

"The long-term implication for this case is FERC — in evaluating that first crucial step, whether there's a need for the pipeline — will have to do a lot more work to justify permitting the pipeline based on a need," Mr. Noe commented.

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