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October 21, 2022

Big K Street Players Spend More as Election Uncertainty Brews

Roll Call

Public Policy & Regulation Group Leader Rich Gold spoke with Roll Call about spending in the lobbying industry leading up to the midterm elections. According to disclosure reports, the top 10 biggest spenders have a combined $238.2 million in federal lobbying so far in 2022, up from 2021 but comparable to 2020 levels. Alongside the increase in spending, firms including Holland & Knight have experienced dramatic growth in recent years. For example, Holland & Knight's revenues are up 60 percent compared to 2019, a result of the uptick in work that began with the onset of the pandemic. Right now, K Street clients and the firms that represent them say they're preparing for a lame duck agenda that covers major action items like the farm bill reauthorization and defense spending measures. Mr. Gold commented on the significance of these and other legislative items.

"This has been probably the most robust legislative time in my 30 years in advocacy," he said. "These are generational pieces of legislation. These have been incredibly important historical pieces of legislation."

READ: Big K Street Players Spend More as Election Uncertainty Brews

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