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October 27, 2022

Killnet Attacks Highlight Looming Cyberwar Insurance Issues


Data Strategy, Security, & Privacy attorney Shardul Desai was cited in a Law360 article about the challenges insurance companies may face as they introduce exclusions barring coverage for acts of cyberwar. Following a recent cyberattack launched by pro-Russian hacking group Killnet, carriers and policyholders are left having to decipher whether a cyber incident constitutes an act of cyberwar perpetuated by a nation-state as opposed to an attack from a rogue actor. Mr. Desai believes that prosecuting Russian officials in cases like this may prove difficult. 

"Oftentimes, criminal organizations are just supported by the FSB (Russian Federal Security Service)," he said. "What level of support really triggers what's defined as 'cyberwar,' that's going to be a difficult assessment, and a potential avenue for a lot of litigation"

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