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December 21, 2022

H&M Pulls Justin Bieber Collection

Women's Wear Daily

Fashion law attorney Danielle Garno was quoted in a Women's Wear Daily article discussing Justin Bieber's disapproval of his H&M collection. The fast-fashion chain recently stopped selling pieces in the collection after Bieber publicly criticized them. Ms. Garno breaks down how brands can avoid another situation like H&M's, and how approval from the talent plays a huge role in the promotion and the potential success of fashion collections. She also stressed the importance of quality control.

"Approval is always a battle between brands and talent, because you don't want talent standing in the way of marketing and getting things out into the market," she said. "I would caution brands to make sure the product looks like and is aligned with the aesthetic and quality of what you are trying to put out there and what the talent bargained for. It's one thing to see a tear sheet or something on the screen. It's another thing to see it in real life."

READ: H&M Pulls Justin Bieber Collection

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