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January 20, 2023

Energy and Environment Lobbyists Brace for Whirlwind 2023

E&E News

Senior Policy Advisor Beth Viola spoke with E&E News about the work energy and environmental lobbyists are planning to prioritize in the year ahead. A key focus for Ms. Viola's team will involve helping energy clients engage in the regulatory efforts related to the Inflation Reduction Act and determining how to take advantage of the money included in both that law and the infrastructure law. Permitting reform will be another main priority, she said.

“We now have unprecedented amounts of money to make a transition to a low-carbon economy,” she said. “And while everyone wants to ensure we continue to see transparency and good environmental review and standards in any sort of permitting process,” streamlining that process “is going to be really important to ensure we meet the carbon emission goals this administration has set out, but also to ensure that we can spend the money that goes along with these bills.”

READ: Energy and Environment Lobbyists Brace for Whirlwind 2023

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