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February 24, 2023

Chicago Couple Bombarded with Cold Calls

CBS Chicago

Legal Ethics attorney Trisha Rich was quoted in a CBS Chicago article questioning whether personal injury attorneys are able to call car accident victims mere hours after reporting their incident. The article centers on a couple who were bombarded with personal injury attorneys claiming they can win up to $15,000 in compensation for their accident, despite there being no significant damage done to either themselves or their vehicle. Ms. Rich stated this violates the Illinois Supreme Court Rule 7.3, which prohibits the solicitation of clients over the phone. She shared how she confronted these callers following her own experience in a car accident. 

"I was absolutely stunned actually. I said, 'Why you think that this isn't a conversation that's prohibited by Rule 7.3?" she said, "He got very upset. He ended up hanging up on me."

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