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July 26, 2023

Is More Direct Democracy in Georgia’s Future?

Atlanta Civic Circle
Public Policy & Regulation attorney Robert Highsmith was quoted in an Atlanta Civic Circle article that centers on Georgia's Supreme Court ruling in Camden County v. Sweatt that sided with residents who voted in a referendum to block county officials from building a spaceport. The article suggests that this decision may have opened the door for Georgia to apply citizen-driven referendums, nearing a direct democracy model for the state's local government, a model California has long adopted. When asked about Georgia's history with direct democracy, Mr. Highsmith highlights how the state does not have a history of citizen-led changes to legislation. 

“In Georgia, we don’t have the history that California has where citizens can just put something on the ballot and have it take the force of law, just like a measure introduced in the legislature,” said Mr. Highsmith

READ: Is More Direct Democracy in Georgia’s Future?

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