August 4, 2023

How Mergers in the Legal Field Have Affected Birmingham

Birmingham Business Journal

Birmingham Executive Partner Colin Luke recently spoke to the Birmingham Business Journal (BBJ) about the recent and rapid increase of mergers between law firms, specifically how local Birmingham law firms have been merging with larger national and international firms. Mr. Luke shared how these mergers and combinations can benefit Birmingham businesses, drawing on his own experience with Waller Lansden Dortch and Davis’ combination with Holland & Knight in March of this year.

“We’ve increased the rate of lawyers talking about mergers and affiliations because of the changing technology, and the increasing global nature of most clients and the issues that they face,” Mr. Luke told the BBJ. “Increasingly, substantial amounts of work for Birmingham-based firms is coming from outside Alabama so it makes sense to affiliate with a larger firm to serve those clients more effectively and seamlessly. For example, if we are doing work for clients with operations in California or New York, it is helpful to have a local presence in these locations."

READ: How Mergers in the Legal Field Have Affected Birmingham

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