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September 20, 2023

Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Public Defense Case

The Bulletin
Portland litigation attorney Kristin Asai was quoted in an article by The Bulletin covering a case before the Oregon Supreme Court that will decide whether the Marion County Circuit Court can continue to appoint lawyers for people who cannot afford one. The article explains that the Public Defenders of Marion County Inc. are seeking an order from the high court to block trial judges from making new assignments, claiming that their attorneys are taking on more clients and cases than they can handle without jeopardizing the quality of their representation. Ms. Asai stated that the severity of the situation means the request must be addressed.

“This is an extraordinary circumstance and it deserves an extraordinary remedy. We know there will be more unrepresented defendants. What this court needs to do is set a clear standard… The danger is not that this court will do too much, but too little,” she said.

READ: Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Public Defense Case

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