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November 27, 2023

Can Cuba Attract New Investments to Spur the Economy?

Latin America Advisor, The Dialogue

International and Cross-Border Transactions attorney Aymee Valdivia shared her perspective on business confidence in Cuba and the potential for new foreign investment in the country in a Featured Q&A published by The Dialogue in Latin America Advisor. In the article, Ms. Valdivia noted that participation in a recent business fair may not necessarily translate to increased investment and outlined additional factors like navigating government approval and accessing financing that contribute to the difficulty of actualizing investment projects in Cuba. 

"Actualizing an investment project is a complex endeavor for various reasons, one being the limited pool of available projects typically outlined in the government's Portfolio of Foreign Investment Opportunities. Additionally, every foreign investment entails navigating multiple layers of governmental approval," she said. 

READ: Can Cuba Attract New Investments to Spur the Economy?

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