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November 9, 2023

Manchin to Depart with a Long List of Energy Wins

Politico Pro

Energy attorney Jim Noe was quoted in a Politico Pro article about the influential role of Sen. Joe Manchin in shaping U.S. energy policy. Despite mixed reactions to Manchin's support for fossil fuels, he has heavily impacted key energy bills, such as the Energy Act of 2020 and the Inflation Reduction Act. Mr. Noe highlighted Manchin's unique position as a pro-fossil fuel Democrat and his ability to open doors in the industry, emphasizing the challenges ahead for Democrats in maintaining the Senate majority and advancing their environmental agenda after Manchin's departure.

“His ability to open doors for the [oil] industry in the administration and on Capitol Hill was invaluable over the last few years as the industry has faced unprecedented regulatory challenges. There are still a few pro-oil and gas Democrats, especially in oil and gas producing states, but no one with the same influence and seniority as Sen. Manchin,” he said.

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